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Hello, new user here.

Probably someone knows this better but I wonder if we could create a Before/After topic. Personally I think it would be very helpful to see how the body changes and adapts with the program over time. It will help to set expectations and motivate the ones that are stuck with a plateau or anything in life preventing them from training.
Does anybody have a before/after picture of the founder of this program?

What do you guys think?


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I think before and afters can be really motivating. The 75 Hard program requires a daily image and, although I only made it 15 days, I appreciated the pictures showing visible gains over a short time.

@mvedwarducsd-edu do you have any Before/After pictures showing your progress? Or anybody else on this forum?

If I remember correctly, in one of your introductory video, you said that before creating the BDP, you did some form of powerlifting but you were not "fit". I am quite curious to see what your definition of fit looks like 🙂


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Hey brother -- I will definitely be sharing some images soon. Stay tuned for a before/after video in summer or fall. But suffice to say that I looked nothing like I do now.

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Hey all,

Week 3 on the BDP. At 95 6 counts and 35 10 counts.

Anybody have an idea on a time frame where they noticed a change and an increase in chest and arms?

I'm 43 and not a big guy, 6ft and I'm 11st 7lbs as of this morning so possibly a bit underweight for my height,  have always been skinny, just looking to get a bit more muscle so my tee-shirt isn't hanging off me this summer 🤣

Enjoying the program and pushing myself to get to the next level.




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Hey John,

I find I get good 'muscle memory' and I'm around 15% body fat so I start doing something like this regularly and feel like I see results pretty quickly. More body fat might mask the effect. Watching reps increase over time is pretty great as well. I've been off it for a bit due to injury and sleep after a strong start, still keeping the movements in my arsenal and will get back to full 20 minute sessions ASAP.

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