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Introduce Yourself

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Whether you're a master or new to BDT, come say hello. Let us know a bit about yourself or just say Hi!

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Hello I’m Jay from jays journey on YouTube and been practicing BDT style training for a while now it’s fantastic and great to see the community chat option🫡 look forward to some chat and banter along the journey good luck if your new I’m always happy to talk training 💪🏻🫡 and good luck 😉

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AdminJTEric McCartyRobMrGetRightMrHShaneash

Good morning. I'm James aka 'JT'. Just arrived from YouTube. Been really looking forward to the creation of this community. Coincidentally just posted my first video this morning... New beginnings all round!

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Hello. I'm Paul from Oregon. I've been training BDP since 9/21 but didn't really develop my practice until 11/21. I tested in to the program at 1d and am now working my way towards lvl 3.

I'm here to give support wherever I can!

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Hi all. I'm Keith, 50 years old, from South Africa.... no YouTube channel :).

I've been doing burpees in one way or another for a few years, but mostly in an unstructured way. I started the Busy Dads Program in Febraury this year, absolutely loving it! Currently Level 3 (very low end of it!), and working slowly towards Level 4.

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Hello Folks,

I‘m Björn from Germany and I want to start the BDP now.

I‘m very interested in your daily Workoutroutine and hope to get some Informations how u strukture your Workouts.

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Hello everyone

I'm Mike in Wales in the UK and have been doing the BDP sinnce the end of 2021.

Am looking forward to hearing about everyone's journey.

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I'm Eric from Columbia Maryland. I've been working out, training for one thing or another for most of my life, I'm 57 now and see no reason to slow down. The BDP program has given a great template to pursue on its own as well as providing a training platform that increases my fitness for anything physical (and mental) avenue I wish to explore. Really want to thank Max for putting the program together and giving us a place to share our journey together.


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So wonderful to hear from all of you!  Mostly familiar faces, but welcome Bjorn!! Through this website and the youtube channel (see especially the Busy Dad FAQs playlist), you'll find all the info you need to get started with BDP, and if you have any specific questions, we're here for you!

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Paul from OregonBjörn from GermanyRobMrGetRightMrHShane

Greetings everyone, nice to see this forum up and running. It will be a good place to pass on your hints, training tips, experiences etc....and all done in the best possible taste 😁

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