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Online spreadsheet planner and tracker

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Just started - thanks @max for creating a simple and fun program and video library!

I wanted to plan and log my sessions so I made a spreadsheet. Like any spreadsheet it's not perfect but I think it'll work for me, and so I thought it was worth sharing in case it's useful for anyone else.

It has three main pages:

  1. Timing Calculator - for creating a set of timings and repetitions that work well with a Tabata Timer app (linked in the spreadsheet)
  2. Log - for seeing targets and logging performance
  3. Trends - for following weekly volume and performance vs targets, plus overall historical training volume

Here's the link and you can make your own copy if you like:

I'm incorporating renegade rows to my Burpees so you'll see those as an option in the spreadsheet, but feel free to ignore!

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AdminThe Original Busy DadChris9MrH

This is unbelievably amazing!!! Thanks for making this, Charlie!!!


Do you have experience deigning apps?

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Hi @max

That's very kind feedback and I appreciate it.

I'm by no means a front-end designer or a developer of any type. I've worked with product teams but always had specialists for design & development.

Where are you up to in the process?

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Hi @Max - I wanted to have a go so I turned my spreadsheet into a basic app using Glide (it's a web app). I've done zero testing and this is the first time I've made an app so it'll probably have bugs, inevitably it'll be clunky and it won't be able to do everything you might want or expect!

If you're interested in trying it out, to help with your own design ideas if nothing else, let me know and I'll send you a link to log in (if you give me your email).

Here are some screenshots:

Home     ---->   


Intro     ---->     



Pick a level to create a workout     ---->     



Watch a video and create a workout plan     ---->     


Log workout results     ---->   



Review past workouts     ---->   



Summary stats     ---->   

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AdminMrHDr. Banjo

Thanks @charlie!  First and foremost, I never even thought of using a spreadsheet or an app to help visually track my progress.  I just finished testing in both sacred movements so the journey begins now.  Thanks again for the inspiration!

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Let me know if you'd like to try the app

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Hey Charlie,

Great idea with the spreadsheet to track progress.

I'd love to give your app a whirl, how do I get hold of it?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Axle - I think @max has an official app in development so I'll defer to that for this community

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Ahh, interesting. I look forward to testing it out. Thanks for getting back to me 😉



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@charlie wow great work. Is yours available or any idea what the status of Max's app is?  I am in week 2, currently at level 1C. I scoured the internet and different apps to try and see if there's any app that tracks burpee AMRAP progress. There was nothing. I then started to make my own spreadsheet but it's not seamless. Decided to check out this community page and landed on this.

Let me know if you have any updates. I can send you my email.

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