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Weekly Training Results

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Hello, busy dads and busy people everywhere! It's Busy Dad Max Edwards here, and I would like to propose a new thread in which each of us posts our weekly training results throughout the year. It'll be a great way of holding ourselves and each other accountable, and of providing one another with the motivation to keep pushing and stay consistent!

So far this week, in my training with BDP 2.0, I have hit 255 6-cts in 20 minutes and 116 seals. Tomorrow it's back to the grind with 6-cts!

What numbers have you put up for the week so far, my friends?

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So far this week, I've hit 219 6 counts and 92 Navy Seals on BDP. Like Max I'm back to 6 counts tomorrow and then again Saturday. Getting over 225 is the goal for this week.

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The Original Busy DadJTAdam1337MrH

On Monday I managed a new PB for the 6-counts, 254. I feel the 6-counts are progressing nicely (albeit slowly) at the moment, usually getting 1-3 extra reps per week. On Tuesday, I managed 100 Navy Seals (PB is 101). I've not progressed with this in 2 weeks now, but am consistently hitting the 99-101 range. Although the reps are not currently improving, I FEEL like my body is adapting so the improvement will come soon! Personally, I've found that my Navy Seal performance is very much dependent on the format I choose. If I can avoid hitting muscle failure, I do better.... so in terms of pure reps doing a "1 rep every x seconds" approach has worked well. EMOM format always leaves me feeling good to start with, and shattered towards the end. However, I've decided that in the long term, the extra "effort" of the EMOM format will stand me in good stead as it will force my body to adapt faster, so I'm committing to that format for now, even if the numbers take a hit for a while.

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The Original Busy DadJTTrucdeFortunioMrH

233 Six Counts on Sunday for my best effort of the week. Yesterday I hit 226 using Paul from Oregon's 4:30 and :30 off approach, also inspired by David Whiten's effort using it - I like it, even though I didn't hit the numbers I had hoped for but I will definitely revisit this format. Today is Navy Seals, with my all time best being 112 over a month ago but haven't come close to this number since, with 106 being my recent best. So we'll see what today holds.

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Paul from OregonJTMrH

234 Six Counts yesterday for an official PR of one rep, I'll take it. 105 Navy Seals today, not a PR but it was a strong, solid effort and I'm happy with it. I train daily and suspect that if I adopted the full BDT plan and added in some rest days that I would come back with some bigger numbers soon. But honestly the daily training does so much for my mental state of health that for right now at least, it's a trade off I'm happy to make. Hoping for some bigger numbers next week.

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The Original Busy DadKeith GoddardAdam1337MrH

Today I managed 100 Navy Seals, yet again, using the EMOM format. I felt stronger during the session, but couldn't get any more reps done (only managed 1 rep in the last 20 seconds, was just... knackered). I keep reminding myself that although new PBs are kinda cool, they are not really the point. Yes, I did not get a PB today.... but you know what I did do? I did 20 minutes of Navy Seal Burpees.... and I did 100 of them. The health benefits of this session in terms of increased heart/breathing rate and muscle endurance are real, even if I didn't progress in terms of reps done. Having said that... I am most certainly hoping for better numbers next week!

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The Original Busy DadEric McCartyMrH

Hello Jay here from jays journey managed to regain level 4 this week with 283 6 Counts and 122 Navy seals I tested in on level two with navy seals 10kg weight vest and managed 98 reps.


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Paul from OregonMrH

Some HUGE numbers here on this thread!


I'm still on 83 six counts and 28 navy seals from this week's sessions.


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The Original Busy DadPaul from OregonromanMrH

Smashed a PB today 🔥

90 6cts following the video that Max put up on YouTube a while back.

That REALLY helped having some structure of when to do each Burpee.

Confident now that I'll be able to unlock Level 1C of 100 6CTS by the end of this month #goal


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The Original Busy DadPaul from OregonromanEric McCartyMrH

It's been a good week so far - hopefully more to come, with 236 Six Counts making a three rep PR and 107 Navy Seals, which is a recent Pr - and by recent I mean that back in April I hit 112 reps in a massively inspired all out birthday session and have come nowhere close ever since, even dropping down to a struggle to reach 100 for more times than I would like to admit to. Some of this is due to a short term medication I'm on to address a health issue that's been ongoing for a year or so (esophagus spasms) and it sometimes leaves me feeling a little sluggish in my training. So I'm counting 107 Seals as a post medication PR and just as happy with it - it's time to break 110 reps again and finally get my Six Counts to 250(+++)

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Paul from OregonromanGazUKMrH
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