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Why is it necessary to pronounce the tacts when repeating?

I'm at level 1C. All this time I have been practicing without saying the score. On each "tact" I ventilate the lungs (exhale). 
Today I tried to pronounce "bars" and I got pain in the liver (most likely this is the liver).

The manual for BDT says that a prerequisite for moving to a certain level is a certain number of repetitions, with the obligatory pronunciation of "tacts" inside the repetitions. 
Why is it so and why is it valuable?
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The only reason I can think of is it makes it harder.  When I was in the military, it was a difference in being the one to count the cadence (each step of the movement) versus the one simply counting the repetition (the completion of the movement).

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Hi Sergei & MrGetRight, new here.  Read through the website and do not recall anything about saying the words "tact" or "bars".  Can you direct me to where it says this and why?

Will admit I have trouble keeping cadence count and rep counts straight as well . . .

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