The Four Levels of the Busy Dad Program

Remember we said that Intentionality is one of the three principles of BDP? Let’s return to that topic.

In BDP, every second of every workout is geared towards a training goal. But where do those goals come from? The answer: the four-tiered Level System that governs the Busy Dad Program.

As a practitioner of BDP, you will be assigned a specific level within the program on the basis of your current degree of fitness in the two Sacred Movements. Your long-term goal is to complete the Busy Dad Program. That’s like building the house. Your medium-term goal is to advance to the next level within the program. That’s like building a room in the house. And your immediate term goal is to do something that helps you edge closer to the next training level. That’s like laying a brick in the foundation.

Every level of the system is unlocked by two Landmark Workouts: one 20-minute 6-count workout, and one 20-minute Navy Seal Workout. Let’s break down those levels and the Landmark Workouts that unlock them.
Level 1
Level 1 is the most elementary level of the program, and it is further differentiated into four sublevels. There is an enormous difference between someone at the beginning of Level 1 and someone at the end of Level 1, and the sub-levels are in place to acknowledge those differences.

Level 1A is the most elementary level of BDP. To unlock 1A, you simply need to be able to perform one 6-count in 20 minutes and one Navy Seal in 20 minutes. If you can do that, welcome to the Busy Dad Program! You’re a 1A practitioner!

Level 1B is unlocked by the following two Landmark Workouts: 50 6-counts in 20 minutes; 20 Navy Seals in 20 minutes. Once you complete these workouts, you’ve made your first level-change within the program! Congratultions!

Level 1C is unlocked by the following two Landmark Workouts: 100 6-counts in 20 minutes; 40 Navy Seals in 20 minutes.

Finally, Level 1D is unlocked by the following Landmark Workouts: 150 6-counts in 20 minutes; 60 Navy Seals in 20 minutes.

Once you unlock Level 1D, your new training mission is to unlock Level 2. 
level 2
Level 2 is unlocked by the following two Landmark Workouts: 200 6-counts in 20 minutes; 80 Navy Seals in 20 minutes. This one is a big deal.

From here, we start pushing toward Level 3.
Level 3
The Landmark Workouts that unlock Level 3 are 250 6-counts in 20 minutes and 100 Navy Seals in 20 minutes. These numbers are respectable by any standard at all.

But we keep pushing. 80 minutes per week, week in, week out. And we’re building towards Level 4.
Level 4
Level 4 is unlocked by the following two Landmark Workouts: 275 6-counts in 20 minutes; 120 Navy Seals in 20 minutes.
It was a steep climb from Level 3 to Level 4. But it was one of the most satisfying feelings in my journey with BDP the day I unlocked Level 4.

Where to next?
Busy Dad
Max Edwards
The final Stage


BDP is a bounded program.  It has an end.  And once you’re a Level 4 practitioner, the end is in sight.  Well, sort of.  The jump from Level 4 to Graduation might actually be the biggest single jump within the entirety of the program.  Martial arts shouldn’t give out their black belts willy-nilly, and graduating BDP shouldn’t be a straightforward matter, either.

To graduate the Busy Dad Program, you must perform the following two Graduation Workouts, both within the same week: 325 6-counts in 20 minutes; 150 Navy Seals in 20 minutes.  Note also that you must call out every count of both movements.  

Note: All of the Landmark Workouts can be found on the Busy Dad Training Youtube channel.
Max Edwards

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