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Getting Started

An introduction to the busy dad program

The Busy Dad Program is the unbelievably simple, effective, and time-efficient training protocol that I’ve been following ever since my daughter was born. It’s gotten me into the best shape of my life, and it can do the same for you.
No matter your fitness level, if you can find just 80 minutes per week, and if you can pledge to fill those minutes with intentional physical training according to the Busy Dad Program, my friends, the Busy Dad Program can work its magic on you just as it has on me.
This site will give you everything you need to start your journey with BDP. You’ll learn about the philosophy behind the Busy Dad Program, the distinctive four-tiered level system that governs the program, and the two Sacred Movements. 
The journey starts here. Whoever you are — a busy dad, or a busy person of any kind — I cannot wait to welcome you to the Busy Dad Army! 
  • Mike

    Busy Dad, Wales
    I started to exercise more seriously during the first lockdown in 2020 and tried various app based programs or other exercise programs from YouTube and struggled to improve or make any significant gains. Since my two buy in workouts in the Busy Dad Programme 10 weeks ago, I have doubled my 6 counts burpees and nearly tripled my navy seals. I feel fitter than I have in a long time and I am excited to plan out my weekly 80 minutes and do the sessions. The philosophy of the Busy Dad Programme really fits in with my life as a busy dad and now I am actually seeing and experiencing physical and emotional improvements with the power of burpees. I am so glad I found the Busy Dad Programme, it is literally changing my life for the better. Thanks to the Busy Dad.
  • PAUL

    Busy Dad, Oregon
    In January of 2021, I quit a 20+ year smoking habit cold turkey. Knowing that just quitting alone wasn't going to turn me into a cardiovascular stud, I decided that I needed to start working out. For months I floundered, writing my own routines up, then learning that I was doing things wrong and changing everything up. You Tube has never ending gobs of information about calisthenics and exercise, but finding programs tailored to a beginner, presented in an easy-to-digest method, left me wanting. That is, until I found the Busy Dad program. In the Busy Dad program I found what had been missing from my workouts, structure and simplicity. Presented in a fashion that's easy to digest, I was able to dive directly into the program and start seeing palpable results in a short period of time. The addition of nutrition and FAQ videos help cut out even more of the guesswork and Busy Dads continuing commitment to new informational, instructional and inspirational content keeps me falling in love with the program regularly.

    Busy Dad, Sao Paolo
    From the first time I attempted a Busy Dad workout I was addicted. This was what I was looking for. Extremely efficient, intense workouts that require just 80 minutes a week and with a clear goal of progression. If I had any questions or doubts, I simply posted them on the channel and was always answered by Max, with his extremely friendly and positive disposition. I tested into the programme at around level 2C and have progressed to around 3C in about 2 months. In this short time, I have lost 5 kilos in weight and at 41 years old feel better than I have done in years. I cannot recommend the programme enough; it will literally change how you feel about exercise and uncomplicate your fitness journey. Better yourself and give Busy Dad Training a go. You won't be sorry!

    Busy Fellow and Fitness YouTuber
    The Busy Dad Training Program can be followed anywhere, without any equipment, and at any time. The training requires only 80 minutes per week, which suits my incredibly demanding work commitments. I’ve found the Busy Dad Training Program leaves me with enough energy to tackle the day, compared to the burden of marathon workouts which usually leave me in a state of delirium and fatigue. Following the Busy Dad Training program while in lockdown, I’ve also learnt more about clean eating and calorie counting, and I can now finally see my elusive 6-pack abs! The Busy Dad Program not only builds endurance and strength, but also a healthy mindset. This is supported by Busy Dad himself, who is the most enthusiastic, charismatic, and jovial training partner I’ve come across. What I like best about Busy Dad is that he wants to share his success with anyone who will listen since it has changed his life, my life, and it can change yours, too. Thank you, Busy Dad!!!

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