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Hey y'all, I've been burpee'ing in London since Jan this year. It's been great having a workout that I can squeeze into the limited time I've got that's not spent running my research lab or wasted taking the ex to court over custody issues. Am not managing to be totally consistent but am routinely hitting 120 6-counts most days now.

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Easy everyone. I'm J from London.  Like a lot of you I stumbled across Iron wolf at the start of the pandemic and embraced the burpee. Training for 2 years hi volume and long sessions. Now works picked up and life's pretty much back to normal I'm struggling to find the time for big hour long sessions. 4-5 times a week.

Been following Max for a while now and impressed with the level of commitment he has for the community. I'm going to embrace this program starting from today after all Max looks incredible for an 84 year old😋



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Hello Max & everyone

Gaz here, based in Devon UK

55 years old and currently sitting at 14st with a stone to lose as a goal.

Discovered BDT around a year ago probably from a link on YouTube and have been a fan ever since.

I've never stuck to just the 4 twenty minutes workouts a week.. I've probably only done a couple then done a KB session, bodyweight circuit maybe and I've been inconsistent with training and nutrition.

However! In the last month I've dropped half a stone and have a better mindset at the moment so feeling better.

Maybe I should actually try the program as it should be and see where it takes me but I love the sound of this community.

My ax, you're an inspiration. Let's do this 👊

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Hello Everyone,

My name is Doug and I am a 52-year-old from Atlanta, GA.

I have been slowly but surely increasing my bodyweight workouts for about 10 months now and I am very happy with the results.  I usually really enjoy the workouts as I never push myself more than 80% of what I can do ( I basically never max out).  I started with 10 minute workouts and I've progressed to 45 min. workouts now.  I try to do 3 days on and 1 day off with some variations to the exercises every day.  Sometimes it ends up being 2 days on 1 day off or (1 and 1) depending on how I feel or how busy I am.

I started to include 6 step burpees (due to Ironwolf) about 4 weeks ago to end some of my workouts.  I currently do them about 3 times a week and I have felt improvements in my cardio.  I'm adding intensity to my workouts very slowly to avoid injuries and burning out/overtraining and I feel like I'm gonna be in decent shape by the end of the year (by my definition).  Slow and steady improvements is my overriding mantra.

I also started deadlifting the past month with a Hex Trap bar - performed every 4th or 5th day for overall strength and it supposedly helps bone density, as well - and I climb some stairs every 4th or 5th day at the end of some workouts, too.

I'm happy to have run into this channel - maybe I will eventually just stop all my bodyweight exercises - shorten my workouts...  and just do burpees but I'm so happy w/ my current regime and progress - that I'm gonna have to really think on it.   Thanks!

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My name is KD. I'm a 51-year-old bodyweight enthusiast from the United States. I train with gymnastics rings, clubbells, kettlebells, and the steel mace. My goal is to become proficient at the burpee exercise. Since I'll be adding this exercise to my existing training program, I'll be treating the burpee program more like practice. As I become more proficient at the movements, I hope to turn my burpee workout into a strength and conditioning program all its own.

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Hey fellas, I’m 46 and a busy fireman/husband. No dad responsibilities as of yet. I’ve been doing Iron Wolf and some powerlifting stuff for a few years now. I also enjoy running for de-stressing from work. I’ve found my fitness to be frustrating due to irregular sleep and being exhausted on my off days. Doing long lifting sessions or iron wolf routines become very challenging to stick with while I’m working shifts and overtime. Plus, I need to be present with my wife and family. So, I’m glad and hopeful for this BDT community and the possibility of achieving my fitness goals. Today, after a long week of class work and shifts I did my first 20 minutes. I did 73 navy seals, which I feel good. I pushed it hard- I was shooting for 80-100. Nope- lol. So do I do as many as possible in 20 minutes of both navy seals and 6 count burpees each week for 80 minutes total? Do I do them every other day and can I add some days of running without affecting my progress? I weigh 188 and want to be more lean and efficient. I want to feel more athletic in my gear and less weighted down with excess weight. Is it ok to run a few miles after these burpee sessions when energy and time allows? Thanks in advance!

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Hi, Kyle Baird from Arizona here! 54 years old level 1A. Just discovered burpees and like the Busy Dad approach.

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Hi, Richard from UK. Been into fitness for a few years, starting with Insanity- I’m still not beach body ready however!

I have been doing burpees as part of my work for a while but really looking forward to seeing if the BDP can help me progress. Started in at level 1d so looking to push to 200 six counts and 80 navy seals- can’t wait to see how long/ if I can make it!

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Hello everyone! I'm Anthony, a 49 year old father of two from South East London. I came across BDT while following Lee "Strong and Conditioned" Hazard on Instagram and YouTube. I've been messing around with kettlebells, heavy clubs etc for a while but wasn't getting very fit, so started on my burpee journey a couple of months ago.

I turn 50 next September and wanted to set myself a challenge. I can barely do a pull up and was just getting into burpees so, I thought, that's my challenge; 50 pull ups and 50 Navy Seal Burpees in one session on my fiftieth birthday.

I've been turned on to BDT because of the programme levels. They seem to me to be challenging but realistic goals which promote progression.

Anyway, thanks to Max for setting up his excellent programme. I'm really pleased to join the community and look forward to corresponding with you all over the coming months.

PS: My current personal records are 69 ns and 160 6 pumps in the 20 minutes.





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Hi guys, I'm a 38 year old father of 2 and grossly out of shape. 6'4", ~350 lbs, computer geek that likes gaming, rock/metal concerts, downhill skiing, grilling out, bonfires, camping,  but never goes to the gym or consistently gets moving.

I've recently just started taking a walk around the block in the morning to get some fresh air and clear my head.

Stretching before my walk has led me down the path of trying a push-up or two, and eventually my curiosity toward burpees, and then I found BDT on YT.

I'm not sure where this journey will lead, but I'm feeling inspired by the stories of others, that maybe I can make more of myself.




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