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Weekly Training Results

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My week 4. I added a jump to the stand-up phase this week.

Monday 105 x 6c

Thursday 60 x 10c

Saturday 120 x 6c

Sunday 80 x 10c

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My week 5.

Monday 121 x 6c

Tuesday 80 x 10c

Wednesday 243 x 4c PR

Thursday 160 x 6c PR

Friday 80 x 10c

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Increased seals to 76 today, nearly back to previous pr!

6 counts are at 164 so a fair way to go to return to old pr of 176, let alone continue the push to 200. As a somewhat older practitioner, gains come more slowly and seem to be lost more quickly- but that could just be me making excuses for not pushing it on more. To be fair, it’s not all about the number of reps- just doing the workouts is reward in itself. Driving yourself on to do another burpee workout when you don’t feel like it is also rewarding. If the numbers follow then great, but if not, then so be it. It won’t be for lack of trying!

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Dear all,

Just a quick message from the busy dad to say that I am utterly delighted to see all of you posting and using this resource, and also to see how many of you are getting down to the grind, week in and week out. It's a joy!

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My week 6.

Tuesday 158 x 6c

Wednesday 245 x 4c PR

Friday 86 x 10c PR (1/14s)

Date Rest Days Level Type Target PB Total
2023-02-22 Wednesday 1d 6 Count 150 0 100
2023-02-25 Saturday ## 1d 6 Count 150 100 150
2023-02-27 Monday # 2 Navy Seal 80 0 51
2023-03-01 Wednesday # 2 Navy Seal 80 51 67
2023-03-04 Saturday ## 2 6 count 200 150 200
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My week 7.

Monday 160 x 6c

Wednesday 261 x 4c PR

Friday 80 x 10c

Another 164 session on 6 counts today and the last seals of the week was a steady 70. Contemplating attempting a slow 500, not strictly BDP, but the idea of the challenge is motivating. Easy to write that sitting down relaxed, but will it be that way after 90 mins plus of hard slog?

interesting point from today- I did the counting for each burpee and it actually made it easier not harder as it kept me calm and focussed. Who would have thought it?!?

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Did 3x seals this week, completing 76, 78, 76. Pretty consistent and the target of 80 is very close.

6 counts session was 164 (again)! Setting myself a target of 170 on these for the next two weeks, starting today. Come on!

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My week 8.

Tuesday 160 x 6c

Friday 81 x 10c

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